Sonnet I

So here’s my first real attempt for a sonnet.

So is your beam like sunlight to my day

Which glimmers in the gloom of starless nights;

As still my boat from its unsteady sway,

Your words bring peace to my tumultuous flights.

So do I search for you in all my thoughts

And find you there so oft to my surprise;

Without you, all my days will be for naught

Like a child without her blanket thus she cries.

And so I pray you, please don’t leave my side,

For I shall not forsake you, joy or strife;

My love for you never will I hide

And I will treasure you for all my life.

   So long as you are here, I am at peace

   And every woe turns to unbounded bliss.

Sonnet 1

September 27, 2020

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