A Scent That Flavours the Air

It’s just a whisper now,

a scent that flavours the air

when it rains.

No more echoes,

just a distant sound;

an old phrase

that catches on

in passing.

I greet the Jasmines

in the morning,

light of heart,

rid of the heavy thorns

of roses;

no deep red petals

to drown my senses. 

I am free. 

Free to take the Lily

on its dare,

if it finds me. 

A Scent That Flavours the Air

July 5, 2021


I dreamed a beautiful scene


cradling you in my arms, 

showering your face

with little kisses. 

You asked why I wept

and hushed me before I could

whisper my fear;

you said you’re here. 

And I felt myself break into pieces 

as I stood

to turn on the light,

and picked up the pen.


April 5, 2021

Rose Valley

The valley is silent

Save for the shuffling

Of red roses, 

Gently kissed

By the sweet breeze

Of my child-like longing. 

And soft, soft, 

They whisper

Your careful words;

Closely, I listen.

They say from the hilltops,

Somewhere near the shuls, 

They hear you singing

Amidst the roar

Of the nearby falls. 

And somewhere, a note

From the mellow tunes,

Speaks of a name

You so oft used

To call me. 

In the hush

Of the approaching noon,

Their scent caresses 

My being.

I see them dancing

To my strides,

All abloom; their petals, 


With the pink-red

Of your lips’ touch. 

Rose Valley

October 8, 2020

A New Day’s Light

Through fiery arches

and columns,


shafts, flutes, and plinths,

we will run;

I will hold your hand. 

To the other side

of this crumbling temple,

far from the rubble,

where the grass awaits

wet with morning dew,

I will walk with you. 

See the skies burning

with the new day’s light;


rising above tomorrow’s

hills and plains

where we will sit with Pain

and listen

‘til it’s but a whisper

under the crescent’s glimmer.


The fireflies dancing

to the songs of minstrels. 

I am but a scribbler;

I have none to offer

but my words. 

But if you come with me,

I can take you

to incredible worlds

if only for a night’s wink.

And together, 

we will inscribe our dreams

into reality

and each other’s names

to infinity!

A New Day’s Light

October 2, 2020

Sonnet I

So here’s my first real attempt for a sonnet.

So is your beam like sunlight to my day

Which glimmers in the gloom of starless nights;

As still my boat from its unsteady sway,

Your words bring peace to my tumultuous flights.

So do I search for you in all my thoughts

And find you there so oft to my surprise;

Without you, all my days will be for naught

Like a child without her blanket thus she cries.

And so I pray you, please don’t leave my side,

For I shall not forsake you, joy or strife;

My love for you never will I hide

And I will treasure you for all my life.

   So long as you are here, I am at peace

   And every woe turns to unbounded bliss.

Sonnet 1

September 27, 2020