A New Day’s Light

Through fiery arches

and columns,


shafts, flutes, and plinths,

we will run;

I will hold your hand. 

To the other side

of this crumbling temple,

far from the rubble,

where the grass awaits

wet with morning dew,

I will walk with you. 

See the skies burning

with the new day’s light;


rising above tomorrow’s

hills and plains

where we will sit with Pain

and listen

‘til it’s but a whisper

under the crescent’s glimmer.


The fireflies dancing

to the songs of minstrels. 

I am but a scribbler;

I have none to offer

but my words. 

But if you come with me,

I can take you

to incredible worlds

if only for a night’s wink.

And together, 

we will inscribe our dreams

into reality

and each other’s names

to infinity!

A New Day’s Light

October 2, 2020

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