Through the Thick Silence of the Well

Beyond the surface

where the butterflies play,

the bright ringing 

of your laughter

cuts through the thick

menacing silence

of the well,

past the stale air,

down to my hiding place

where it resounds, 

a happy little bird song

from miles away. 

Down here

where I shy

away from the sun,

your smile pierces 

the pitch-black space 

within cold walls.

You are the brightest ray

of sunshine

to ever come this way,

here in the bottom

of this dry pit;

you are a splash

of fresh water

to my parched soul. 

It is time for me to climb

out of the hole.

I fly

out of the chasm, 

into fields of white

where lilies abound, 

welcoming me

to where you stand in wait

to take me in your arms. 


where I will carry you

under the richest

apple blossom

and kiss you

until the moon shines. 

Through the Thick Silence of the Well

January 16, 2021

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