Start the Coffee

Start the coffee,

Let the morning brew

As the carafe collects

Every hot drop

Of thought in your mind;

Shape it into a cup

Of comfort

That there is yet another day

To be slurped

While it’s warm. 

Taste the ground

From which the tree of its 

Beans came;

You decide

How to play the game. 

Draw the curtains;

There’s no longer a reason

To hide. 

Time moves

In your favor;

This is the hour

To take back the stolen years.

You’ve clocked out the darkness

In your sleep;

Wake up from the dream. 

The rays on your window

Say hello,

You’ve stepped out

Of the shadow

And into tomorrow. 

Wash your face of the stains

Of tears

And your mouth of the bitter taste

Of loss;

There is sweetness

To be found

In a fresh pot. 

Smell the steam of hope,

Let it boil away the failures

Of yesterday;

You will hear

The music of the roaring brew

As it extracts every truth

If you would just

Start the coffee. 

Start the Coffee

February 8, 2021

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