Stories Over Pastries

I know I get carried away

too easily,

and maybe it’s too early

to bring out the pen. 

Words don’t come easy;

I do not use them lightly.

I only wish to write

what I can

to let you know

you inspire me so. 

I don’t mean to hurry

or ask you to marry,

but girl you should see

you light a spark in me. 


beyond this horrid nightmare

we live in, 

I dream of a place

where I can see your face

free of the fear

of losing what we hold dear. 

I don’t mean river parks

or fields of roses;

just a little cafe

where we can stay

till it closes. 

Maybe we share stories

over some pastries,

talk about dreams

and possibilities. 

Maybe it turns out

we don’t have a lot

of similarities,

or maybe we walk away

knowing we’d come back

another day. 

Either way, 

I long to see the day. 

So, what do you say?

Stories Over Pastries

January 7, 2022

12:55 am 

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