Two Seconds

Two seconds

The bomb went off

Shrapnels flying in every direction

All of them

Somehow landing onto me

Two eyes glinted with no spark

Through metal bars,

Met mine

For two seconds and fled

Gunpowder clouded the air

I took cover

Behind the glass

When I came out,

Everything was gone

The door closed,

The skies dimmed,

Rain fell

Should I have ran out

To stop the blast?

There was no time

To disarm.


The imminent clash,

Fragments of shells

Too quickly, too deep into my skin

An engine fired

Wheels turned toward the road,

I was alone

I didn’t bleed

Even as shrapnels

Continued to explode

Within me

I ran back

To my quarters,

Safe from further harm

Too late

To stop the rapid poison of lead

Now spreading through my veins

In just two seconds

The world ended,

Time frenzied,

Tears fell

Two seconds

Life resumed,

Forever changed.

Two Seconds

📝 Natalia Go

November 27th, 2019

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