Now It’s Your Turn

Your eyes gleam of firelight

That once brightened

My world before it went down in flames

Your smile speaks of dreams I once dreamt

Wash to shore before they were forged

I long for you to hear my voice

And tell you, it’s going to be okay

Once it’s all over

Once you see the rubble around you

And the destruction under your feet…

If you are still standing

My heart breaks how now you hear

Only the chirping birds

Afraid when at last, you begin to heed

The steady cowing crows

I would whisper in your ears

The things the hound would do

But for now, they will not hear,

They don’t belong to you

If I show you a picture

Of the hollow shell that you will be

It’ll only be a deity

On her pedestal, you’ll see

Unsuspecting of the moment

You’re brought down in the final scene

For that, I am sorry

I am sorry when time it comes

For you to cry my tears

But I can only watch from a distance

As you’re groomed to live my fears

You must forgive me…

For the woeful truth

That I am glad that you are here

Now I take my leave free of the chains

That now are bound to you

Now, it’s your turn.

📝 Natalia Go

Written July 25th, 2019

at the NYPL on 53rd

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