Along the Neon Prism

City lights, cheery sounds;

along the neon prism, I claimed a corner.

Between the Incas and the pandas,

the eastern dragon ahead;

I taste the lukewarm comfort of your cheap pottage

and found none.

In between paper cheese and liquid sugar,

I take and blow a misty whiff

hoping a second’s stillness would remind me

of what I’m doing here…

If I ever did know.


Amid your lovers, vagrants, and sleepwalkers,

I try to speed by;

afraid for my face to disappear

among theirs.

Pray tell me why

after the dancing waters and the desert snakes,

I’m still out here in this faux

Ville de Lumière,

driven from my temporary corner

to this windy plaza

by sandy-fringed babble.

I watch as your sleepwalkers head back to dreams

while I walk again on sore leather

to your lazy wagon;

back to my strange desert home.

📝 Natalia Go

Written August 10th, 2019

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