Staircase From the Temple in the Stars

Claps of thunder
have been heavy lately
like giant rocks
rolling on my shoulders.
What little respite
taken away
at daybreak
when I bleed
from the littlest pricks,
crying tears stemming
from a bottomless well,
of my one misstep
at its brim.

And its walls
begin to close,
halted only
by the light of your smile
searing the darkness,
the fast approaching doom
from either side of me.
Like a staircase
beaming from the temples
of the goddesses
in the stars,
with the beauty
of your heart.

Hide me
in the comfort
of your arms,
my one remaining solace
from this deluge of sorrow
devouring all
but the promise of the day
I will hold you again,
in our garden of dreams
where dawn peeks
at the beginning
of each hour
I am in your arms
and you are in mine.

Staircase From the Temples in the Stars
July 19, 2022

Published by

Natalia Go

Natalia Go is an Adult Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy Author. Her earlier works are published on Amazon Kindle, including the short fiction, Interfinity. You Send Me to the Stars, her first poetry collection is now available for purchase.

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