The Glass Jar Virtual Play by Natalia Go

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The Glass Jar is the first virtual play I’ve written and directed, starring Ina Salonga and Mary De La Vega.


No one’s watching the pharmacy. The pills are up for grabs on the top shelf. Only the glass case and a lock are separating them from Chloe and Max. What would they risk by stealing a few pills? Max only wants the pills to help her sleep, but it appears Chloe has other things in mind. Would the two women risk extending their stay in the psych ward for this operation? As Chloe and Max scramble for keys and face mishaps, they talk about life before and after their confinement. 

Inspired by first-hand experiences in similar facilities, The Glass Jar takes us inside the minds of two mentally ill women who have very different perspectives on recovery. Will their little heist plan strengthen or break their friendship? 

*Trigger warning: suicidal ideation, drugs, profanity, and mature content.

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Natalia Go

Natalia Go is an Adult Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy Author. Her earlier works are published on Amazon Kindle, including the short fiction, Interfinity. You Send Me to the Stars, her first poetry collection is now available for purchase.

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