The Language of the Water, the Clock, Your Heart, and Her Soul

to what the water tells you
when it sates the parched
parts of your soul,
when you think the world
has left you
and the leaves begin
to fall.

To the ticking sound
the clock makes,
every breath you still
and the thumping
in your chest
that sends life out
to your veins.

the dewdrops in the morning
when you first greet
the sun,
how it affirms your right
to take up space
in the world from which
you run.

There are mountains
far from view
that you think has none
to do with you,
but they keep the earth
from crumbling
and from washing over

‘Tis the language
of the silent; what they speak
when you can’t hear.
Listen to her sighs
every time you are near.
They say all you need to know
when you feel the dread
humming low.

September 15, 2023

Published by

Natalia Go

Natalia Go is an Adult Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy Author. Her earlier works are published on Amazon Kindle, including the short fiction, Interfinity. You Send Me to the Stars, her first poetry collection is now available for purchase.

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