A Rendezvous in New York City

And one night I returned

to the long avenue

lit with nervous stars

and talking cardboards;

I walked down the puddle-less lane

for it was once again, summer

and it hasn’t rained…


In the square, we were met

by the scintillating stares

of moving statues

and dancing towers.

And I walked like a tourist

to the nearby corner

for a slice of the old pie

sold by the dollar. 

In the morning, 

they were all gone

save for the splendour

of the shops

and the scent

of overpriced coffee

in the counter. 

And on 59th, I saw my friends

on their way to Chelsea.

We caught the blue train

that was late again

and back I went

to the street

numbered 53

to sit and ponder 

in my favorite library. 

Might this be the dream 

I take out

from my sleepy head

into reality?

To meet again my fantasy

of melting with

and among

the colorful people,

their flags, their histories;

in the sweltering,


fragrant pot

that is the magic

of New York City.

A Rendezvous in New York City

December 16, 2020

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