Through the Curtains at the Edge of the Universe poem by Natalia Go

Through the Curtains at the Edge of the Universe

I poked my head through the curtains at the edge of the universe and gazed at the nothingness comprised of the microcapsules in which every breath I’ve taken in the past is stored. Invisible to my wondering eyes, weightless, yet tangible. I heard their whispers in the void and found each inaudible save for the words I’ve uttered out of love. And I wondered how many seconds in my roughly 650,000 borrowed hours are left to create more audible whispers before I return to particles at the end of it. 

And in the nothingness, I felt a pair of eyes looking back at me, telling me I didn’t get it all wrong. For somewhere in the now, I’ve peeked into the soul inside them and held it with warmth. That I didn’t waste it all on spite and pain and bitterness. And the wind blew with remnants of every kiss we’ve shared and how they showed me the world past its plainness. 

I wish to take lighter breaths though I know they will inevitably heave with weight at times. But with you around, it is as though they rise and fall effortlessly through it all. 

As I pondered I felt each breath upon exhale being trapped within the void. And I withdrew my head from the curtains, content knowing that it was enough to imagine what life might be beyond the horizon. For here is where we took those breaths…together. No matter the distance in between. 

Through the Curtains at the Edge of the Universe

February 25, 2023

Through This Next Ride Around the Sun

If we turn the Earth
a revolution backward,
we will find ourselves
gazing at the first daylight,
exchanging our first hellos,
of the several more
we would exchange each day
And here we are
on the 366th day
of good mornings,
taking us back
to when the skies opened up
their graces upon us.

The stars shone fiercely
at the close;
they’ve been watching over us
A sparkle
for every kiss; “Good night.
I will see you when the sun
And it reflects in your eyes;
a twinkle so sweet
in noontime kisses
and afternoon snuggles,
turning tears into crystals
we wear as charms
on our skins.

That if we so much as step
under shadows,
they can’t but fly
back into the depths
of the well
where they belong.
As this little ball,
the pale blue dot
we call home,
resumes its rotation,
I extend my hand once again.
Will you hold me
through this next ride
around the sun?
Together. Onwards.

Through This Next Ride Around the Sun
January 1, 2023

Hallways and Tollways

I want to take you 

back to the beginning,

to when I first held your hand

and kissed you nervously

in that little room

that served as our gateway

to our garden

where we’d disappear time and again

each time our eyes meet. 

And even now,

it still opens up for us,

growing new leaves and blossoms

in places we never thought

could still expand

the way our hearts do for each other. 

I will see you in the hallway

of our next abode

where we’d set up tollways

to collect kisses as we pass

each other by.

There will be singing and dancing

the way we did under the moon

to that song’s soulful tune. 

Hold on to me

because I will fly us

to where we shared 

our first cup of coffee

on that hot day,

today as we celebrate

a new moon cycle together. 

Come with me;

I will take you inside

the pages

of the first words I wrote for you,

and let me inscribe them

in your heart this time

in ink as old as the moment

I first dreamt of your eyes.

Read them again

next time you’re alone

in a hallway we haven’t both

walked together. 

For I will be there

setting up tollways

when you turn the corner. 

Hallways and Tollways

November 1, 2022

a chariot in the night poem by natalia go

A Chariot in the Night

Maybe somewhere
there’s a version of me
that has wings for arms.
Maybe I own a chariot
I can fly in the night
to take us to the clouds
while the world sleeps
and asks nothing of us.

In that world
I can whistle to command
the storms
back to the heavens
and fall as little drops
of dew
to cool us from hot weather.
There’d be no floods
for they will recede
before they rise
when they hear my voice
and cower
forever to the seas.

And all that color
your thoughts black
will dissolve at my touch
back into the void
where their screams die
and come back as pretty tunes
to make you smile.
But I have none such power
and my voice often sounds
a whisper too meek
to dare to speak.

I have only dreams
to wander
where I’m half as strong
as I aspire.
I stand a mere hopeful
in a world where I
can offer nothing grand.
But my hopes spring
from truth
that it’s you I keep
in the innermost depths
of my heart.

With I can go
the distance,
a million lifetimes over
and over
to see my journey with you

A Chariot in the Night
August 16, 2022

Starving for Words

I am starving for words
locked away behind a boulder,
in a cave of fears
where hide vicious bats
that prey on meister blood,
and steal inspiration
to turn them into stones
they hang on moldy walls.
Thieves and forgers of doubt
in unsuspecting dreamers.

I come to the hatchway
to face their king
yet they have none.
Only mercenaries of the dreaming
guarding nothing
but counterfeit jewels
that don’t glint in the light.
Unwelcome though I am,
it is my words
I’ve come to claim.

What moves the rock
but your smile in my mind’s eye,
which lights up the cavern
of hopes turned lifeless.
None mightier a spell
than your name I speak
to break the curse and return
a hero in your eyes.
No higher honor;
no sweeter sacrifice.

Starving for Words
August 12, 2022

garden of dreams book cover by natalia go

Garden of dreams preorder

Garden of Dreams is now available for preorder!!! It’s out for a discounted price of PHP460. ETA is end of August. Watch the trailer below!

Natalia Go’s second poetry collection, Garden of Dreams, talks about resurfacing from the thick, menacing silence of a well, past the cold, damp walls, and into a garden where light meets dreamers. It includes sonnets and poems turned into songs. 

The City Twice Renewed

We saw a funny picture
in the city
that twice broke my heart.
You held my hand
for two hours
while we laughed,
and we came out
to a world that’s changed;
a world that now laughs
at goats and heroes
each time we remember.
And we will remember.
For the world now breathes
but cackles
in the air.



Its belly swells
with memories of moments
we’ve made,
ever-expanding with the stars;
it will never go dark.
For the sun that scorched
our backs
while we went ‘round
in a boat
will keep lighting our days.
No matter how many sundowns
we see; the gondolier’s voice
will hang in our ears
no matter how many songs
we hear.



I cried a tear
in the night
but you wiped it with a kiss,
filled with a promise
of the next sunrise
we will greet together.
And my heart smiles
at the city
twice renewed.
I shall live
twice more hopeful,
my eyes locked
in the sky
twice brighter;
twice surer.



The City Twice Renewed
July 24, 2022

Staircase From the Temple in the Stars

Claps of thunder
have been heavy lately
like giant rocks
rolling on my shoulders.
What little respite
taken away
at daybreak
when I bleed
from the littlest pricks,
crying tears stemming
from a bottomless well,
of my one misstep
at its brim.

And its walls
begin to close,
halted only
by the light of your smile
searing the darkness,
the fast approaching doom
from either side of me.
Like a staircase
beaming from the temples
of the goddesses
in the stars,
with the beauty
of your heart.

Hide me
in the comfort
of your arms,
my one remaining solace
from this deluge of sorrow
devouring all
but the promise of the day
I will hold you again,
in our garden of dreams
where dawn peeks
at the beginning
of each hour
I am in your arms
and you are in mine.

Staircase From the Temples in the Stars
July 19, 2022

Next Time the Roses Bloom

I miss the scent
of a thousand roses
that bursts from the wall
in your presence,
the warmth
of crackling fire
while rain pours outside
when I hold you
we’re an atom apart,
from each other’s mouths,
and the constellations
inside us
warping to burst

I miss the glow
of your cheeks
when you see me pass
from one corner
of the room
to another,
sneaking in a kiss
I can’t help but ask
before I walk past,
and coming back for more
until we’re lost
under the blankets
while the world spins
around us,
until we resurface.

But hold me
in your dreams.
I will step
out of the cloudlands
into your waking world
soon after
I collect the words
I’ve been stitching together
from my heart
that I may offer you
a humble revière
of all the sweet nothings
we’ve exchanged
and will again
next time the roses

Next Time the Roses Bloom
July 12, 2022