Tell Me of Rainbows and Second Chances

Tell me again 

How there’ll be a thousand

More sunrises

For I forget what it’s like

To bathe in their rays. 

Remind of the colors 

Of rainbows

That I can no longer name

For I have lost their shape, their tinctures

In my mind;

How there’ll be another flame

In the heart that’s been extinguished,

How it will burst again

With fancies and butterflies

And warmth. 

Show me a preview

Of a story

Where lovers keep their promises

And vagrants find their way;

Where the broken-hearted

Feel another’s kiss,

Where the lonely find company. 

Tell me of a future

Where the fallen seize

A second chance. 

Read me the fortune

Of the ill-fated

In which their stars align. 

Tell me again

That the world is kind. 

Tell Me of Rainbows and Second Chances

January 11, 2021